August 18, 2011

Crochet Critters

Crochet Critters
Lest you think Jen and I are the only crafty ones in our family, our sister Emily has a few tricks up her sleeve as well. Emily's craft method of choice is crochet, and she created this hippo and alligator using the patterns in Easy Crochet Critters courtesy of Vanna White (yes, that Vanna -- is there any other?).

Crochet hippo
I love the purple hippo, with his beady little eyes and nostrils.

Crochet alligator

And there's something about the alligator's stubby little legs that makes him a little less menacing.

Memory Game

Memory Game 1

What wonderfulness could be hiding in this adorable zippered pouch, you ask?

Memory Game 2

How about a handmade Memory Game made with wool felt and fun fabric scraps!

Memory Game 3

Memory Game 4

I used a tutorial from The Purl Bee, and my mom and I put together two sets of 15 matches each when I spent a week visiting her in Tennessee recently. This set features lots of pink and flowers and is for my nieces. (The pouch is my first successful zipper installation; I used a tutorial from Flossie Teacakes and increased the finished size to 10 inches square.) We made a second set with puppies, monkeys, plaids, and even some Halloween bats for my friend Anne's two little boys. I think John likes it. :)

John plays Memory

August 10, 2011

Greys in the City

My work often requires me to travel and usually I don't have a minute between meetings. However on this last trip I had a couple of hours before dinner and I took advantage of them to check out NYC through my blog lens. It's amazing what I my feet ache...because I packed the wrong shoes (again). Sometimes I just miss the cool greys of NYC because I get caught up finding a cab or leaving for the airport. I find the detail of the city and hidden gems dazzling. While many may see the beauty in the skyline, I'll admire the nooks and crannies!


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