July 30, 2015

Big Finish: Kite Tails Quilt

Another finished quilt to share - and even better, it's my first handmade Christmas present for 2015! Considering the fact that I started this quilt in 2014, I'm not as ahead of the game as it may seem. But still, it's done, so I'll set this one aside for gifting in 6 months and keep the recipient(s) a secret in the meantime.

This project started with a free pattern designed by Amy Friend of www.duringquiettime.com and distributed by the Modern Quilt Guild. The guild shares a unique pattern in each issue of its member newsletter, and this one caught my eye with its simple, subtly off-kilter design and rectangular paper-pieced blocks. I pulled blue and green fabrics from my stash, added a pop of yellow, and incorporated a couple of semi-solids to round it out. The addition of the pink fabrics for a little extra punch came when I only had a few more blocks left to make (and needed a break from all the blues and greens).

My favorite part of this quilt may be the backing fabric, which is an oversized text print from the Social Club collection by Eric and Julie Comstock for Moda. The greens and blues coordinate nicely with the front, and the large scale of the text is perfect for the back. I had to piece the back but did my best to match the print in the seam. Hopefully no one can see it aside from me. I'm happy to have a little extra backing left to incorporate into future projects.

For the quilting design, I created wide X's across each block to mimic the kite tail design. Then I went back and stitched on either side of the vertical seam lines in order to create some separation between the quilted tails. I expect the quilt to get a lot of use, and this amount of quilting is enough to hold it together but still keep it soft and snuggly. I bound it in a navy blue version of the aqua and turquoise fabrics and took a stab at machine binding using a zigzag stitch to ensure that it holds up over time. The finished size is approximately 58" x 70".


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