January 27, 2011

Judging a classic book by its cover

Jane Eyre, Penguin Classics edition
There's something about period films that I just can't get enough of. Show me some historical costumes and hairstyles, throw in accents and a few sweeping landscapes, and I'm there. In advance of the upcoming release of Jane Eyre, I decided it was time to finally read the Charlotte Bronte classic. (It was never required reading for me in school, and as a book-lover and avid reader, I'm a bit ashamed of the fact that I just never got around to reading it.)

Because I love books, I couldn't settle for just any old paperback copy in healthy supply on the shelves of my local used bookstore. Instead, I sprang for this (surprisingly affordable) edition from Penguin Classics. The grey cloth binding. The embossed red leaves. The red ribbon bookmark (which my cat loves to stalk, by the way). I just couldn't resist it. And I'm thoroughly enjoying the story, too.

Time to start saving my pennies for more classics in this collection.

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