February 27, 2012

More DIY Applique Onesies

Since I first made a few applique onesies for a friend's twin girls last spring, I've found myself making more and more of these inexpensive, easy, personalized baby gifts.  There was this set for Benjamin late last year:

Applique onesies, set

Then I stuck with the monogram idea and made this set for Hannah:

Applique onesies for Hannah

And in what felt like a grand finale (although it's not technically a finale, as I'll be making more of these in the future, I'm sure), I knocked out a set of 10 (in 2 sizes) for a first grandbaby on his/her way:

Applique onesies

Applique onesies

The challenge of putting appliques on 10 onesies for the same recipient was coming up with not only 10 baby-friendly fabrics but also 10 different applique shapes.

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