April 12, 2012

Hair Barrettes from the Scrap Pile

I've been making a lot of toddler dresses as of late, thanks to Pinterest and all the easy tutorials right at my fingertips. One result of all this dressmaking has been lots of scraps around my sewing space that I need to do something with. So, I went looking for some ideas and found this flower tutorial on Lillyella. I found the additional steps to be a little too involved for me, so I came up with a simple version that I think turned out quite well.

Scrap Flower Barrettes
  1. Start with ribbon-covered hair clips. I purchased ribbon-covered clips for less than $5 a bag at Hobby Lobby. Buy the covered barrettes and save yourself some time hot gluing grosgrain ribbon...trust me.
  2. Pick a fabric scrap that's 12 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide.
  3. Heat up your hot glue gun.
  4. Fold one end of the fabric scrap like an accordion to establish the center of the flower, and then start wrapping the scrap around that center.
  5. Continue wrapping the scrap around itself, twisting it at times to vary the shape. Hold on to it in the center and keep it tight the entire time or it will unroll.
  6. When you're left with a tail that's around 3/4 inch, fold the tail and hot glue it to the bottom of the flower to create a base. This secures the flower roll and gives you a base for attaching the flower to the barrette.  Let the hot glue dry.
  7. Put some glue on the top of the barrette and then add the flower.
  8. Carefully check to make sure you can open and close the barrette and the glue hasn't leaked anywhere it shouldn't have.

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