June 27, 2012

Little Golden Books Baby Shower in Yellow and Blue

Inspired by this Little Golden Books theme baby shower extravaganza, my sister, mom, and I decided to put together a Golden Books baby shower for Jen back in January.  (Yes, this post is kind of late, but better late than never.  And if you have a little time, I strongly recommend you check out more of the theme parties posted on Aesthetic Nest -- that woman is amazing.)

Instead of sticking strictly to Little Golden Books, we relaxed the idea a bit and included a variety of vintage books and toys. A lot of the Golden Books were found at local used bookstores, but the toys and some other well-loved books were rescued from the depths of my parents' basement and given a day out on display, to be admired (and even played with when my friend stopped by with her two little boys!).

This doll belongs to my mom.
I love the expression on this little lamb figurine.
My mom was quick to point out that the little guy
with glasses is Mr. Hooper from Sesame Street.
Anyone need to make a call?

This metal spinning top has seen a lot of action through the years.

More little vintage toys.
From Aesthetic Nest, I downloaded some theme-specific printables, including bookplates, cupcake wrappers, and a print reminiscent of the Little Golden Books paper to use in the invitations.

Guests were invited to fill out bookplates for Hannah's library.
Sweet potato cupcakes with brown sugar cinnamon
icing got dressed up to match the theme.
I printed the invitation text on velum sheets and used a
small decorative brad to connect it to the print paper.

The table featuring the invitation and a photo of Hannah also included a diaper cake made by my mom and friends.  Instead of rolling up each individual diaper, they spiralled the diapers around the center of each layer.  The "cake" topper was a little Stieff duckling.  For this adoption baby shower, we also displayed additional pictures of Hannah with her parents for the guests to enjoy.

We had so many books that we had to get creative with our displays.  From the food table to the staircase, there were books everywhere.

Finally, as we decorated the house the night before the party, we decided that we needed just one more thing -- a banner strung across the doors to greet guests as they entered and to remind us all of the little one we'd gathered to celebrate.  Mom, Emily, and I scrounged up some extra wrapping paper from the gifts and Emily sketched the letters that we glued onto pennants and strung up with a length of blue yarn.

(My dad will be happy to see that his mounted deer
and pheasant made it onto the blog.  Sheesh.)

This baby shower was a lot of fun to put together, and the Little Golden Books and vintage toys themes gave us a lot of room to play around.  I think this shower shows that you don't have to follow something you find online down to the last detail -- pick and choose the elements you like and the elements you can execute, and then get creative and come up with some ideas to personalize the design.  In the end, a baby shower or any party is about the guest or guests of honor -- the rest is just window-dressing!

Emily, me, Mom, and Jen, with our post-shower glow.

Note: The beautiful photos in this post were all taken by our friend Mary.  Thank you, Mary, for documenting the party for us!

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