July 29, 2012

Adoption Baby Book

Coming Home- still have to add itinerary on the bottom right

As a proud adoptive parent, I've found myself looking for ways to remember and document the adoption experience to create my daughter's version of a baby book. I searched the Internet and was able to find a few fill-in-the-blanks baby books specifically for adoption, but there weren't many options, and they were all pretty expensive. So I headed off to Jo-Ann's for some basic supplies, enlisted my sister to help make background pages, and started Hannah's baby book myself. I've been working on it at night because, as anyone with a toddler knows, there is no way to scrapbook around a little one who finds taking pages apart more interesting than putting them together.

Since I'm going to move to Project Life (more on that soon) to document the rest of Hannah's first year, for this book I stuck to what I consider the adoption baby book basics. Here's a rundown of my baby book pages:

1. Getting to Know You (the referral we received with Hannah's picture and information)
2. Our Prayers for You (before we knew/met you)
3. Mom and Dad details (how we met, waiting for you)
4. Trip 1 and Meeting You
5. Trip 2 and Going to Court
6. Baby Shower
7. Trip 3 to Bring You Home
8. Coming Home
9. All About You
10. Your First Haircut
11. Your Birthparents
12. All About Russia
13. One Year Home!

I love this page -- we were so glad to be home!

I will admit openly that I am not a scrapbooker. Trying to come up with creative pages is not my gift -- I know it, really I do -- so please keep that in mind when you view the pictures I'm sharing here. Also, if you have ideas of things I could add or things you've seen from other adoptive parents, let me know!

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