August 12, 2012

Baby Boy Quilt: Little Bow Ties with Grey

This is a quilt that I currently have in progress, commissioned by a childhood friend of mine who is expecting Baby #5 (!!!).  Chrissie and I were best friends like only little girls can be, until my family moved out of state when I was 9.  When letter-writing and long-distance phone calls were the only way to keep in touch, we gradually lost contact.  But thanks to Facebook we have been in contact again after many years, and I gladly accepted the baby quilt commission when she asked.  Chrissie told me that she'd like to focus on grey for her baby boy, with pops of lime green, orange, and aqua.  I sent her a few designs to consider (all from one of my favorite quilt bloggers Film in the Fridge), and she chose this "Flying Farfalle" design.  You can see the original by Film in the Fridge here.

For inquiring minds, I started with 6.5" blocks of Kona Medium Gray and added a selection of prints to opposite corners.  The layout is 7 blocks by 9 blocks.  I haven't yet figured out what I'll do on the back, but first up is getting these blocks into rows and those rows into a complete quilt top.


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