September 16, 2012

August Ornaments: More Snowmen

August: Snowman

We have a couple more snowmen to add to the party for August's ornament challenge.  First up is Jen's creation, made with yarn pompoms.  I'd seen this idea online, and I'm glad Jen used it.  The three colors of pompoms really up the holiday factor.  (I can't tell if his top hat is really cocked to the side or just appears so, but either way -- cute!)

August: Snowman
Also joining the party is this little guy made by our mom.  She used white fleece, beads, a little felt, and a scrap from a kids' shirt (because Mom is good like that and always has useful scraps around the house).  I like the simplicity of this snowman -- he doesn't need a body, just a cute scarf!

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