March 5, 2013

Fabric Scrap Cards

I've been making these fabric scrap cards for birthdays, after getting tired of spending money on store-bought cards and not always being in the mood to get out all my paper cardmaking supplies.  With a container of small fabric scraps and a stack of blank cards, they're fun to make!

I put an old needle in my sewing machine so that I'm not ruining a good one by stitching through the cardstock.  Any color thread works, too.

These pennants are one of my favorites.  It's really satisfying to use such tiny scraps and make something cute.
Before stitching around the scraps, it helps to use a little dab of a glue stick to hold them in place.


Unknown said...

do you sew the scraps onto the card, or glue (etc) the scraps on after stitching? thanks! so cute

Elizabeth said...

I secure them with a glue stick first so that they don't shift while stitching over them.

Unknown said...

This is a fantastic idea! Thank you!!
How does it look on the other side (inside) of the card?


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