February 6, 2019

Fieldcrossing Quilt

I finished this quilt in September, but it had to wait for its recipient's October birthday, and now I'm MONTHS late in posting it here! But I'm excited to share it now that it is settled in its new home in Texas. I made it for my good friend Eryn and her family. Around 8 years ago, I made Eryn a quilt and I had no idea just how much it would be used and loved. It was so loved, in fact, that I brought it home with me to Tennessee last summer for some mending and a new binding after I visited Eryn and saw what a state it was in! That was when I decided to make her a new quilt.

(For anyone paying close attention, Eryn is my friend with the twin babies -- a boy and a girl -- who I made quilts for last year. I posted about them here.)

When I was in McKinney visiting Eryn, we took a little field trip to Stitched with Love, a quilt/fabric shop very close to Eryn's house, where I was unable to resist the urge to buy lots of fat quarters as fabric souvenirs. A few months later, Eryn sent me a Christmas gift ... more fabric from the shop! All of the sudden, my plan came together -- I'd make a new quilt for Eryn and use some of the fabrics that she had picked out. She had bought them (for me), so she must have liked them, right?


The pattern I decided to use is called Fieldcrossing, designed by Elizabeth Olwen. It's a free pattern offered by Cloud 9 Fabrics.

I started the project at a retreat with the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild and was able to get the top pieced -- minus some borders that required more fabric -- by the time I headed home.

Because the quilt was pretty large, I handed it over to my local longarm friend, Pat, to quilt it with an edge-to-edge design. Instead of using a lot of white, the background fabric has a subtle texture design, and the backing is Moda Grunge Hits the Spot in a low-volume beige that I thought would hold up well to lots of use.

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