April 11, 2021

Chit Chat Quilt

Every once in a while I'm reminded that I can, in fact, make quilts pretty quickly. Of course "quickly" is relative, and it depends on the size and complexity of the pattern, but under the right circumstances and given a deadline, I can pull off what usually seems impossible for me. I was contacted by my mom's friend Mary in early January, and she asked if I could make a baby quilt for her niece who was expecting mid-February. 

She sent a couple Instagram pictures of a Chit Chat Quilt (pattern by @blockmodern) and suggested a color scheme including peach, blush, gold, navy and cream. I had seen the pattern on Instagram and loved it, and the color palette is one of my favorites, so I was happy to accept the commission. I went through my fabric stash but only came up with peach and navy -- nothing to bridge the two and prevent a checkerboard color placement. I ordered a handful of prints by Loes Van Oosten for Cotton + Steel -- fabrics 5, 7-11 from the left above.

The blocks came together very quickly (although I think I flubbed the layout on some of the blocks with little stripes). By request, I made a size not included in the pattern, but I didn't have any trouble creating more blocks to make it work.

For the quilting, I kept it simple with a straight line grid on a diagonal. The backing was pieced with some leftovers plus a larger cut of navy that I've been saving for a backing. The binding is scrappy, again using up a lot of what I had leftover.

I finished the quilt by February 21st, so it took just over a month from fabric receipt to completion. I've seen photos of it with its new owner, a sweet little baby girl named Molly, and I'm glad I could create something beautiful, comforting and meaningful for her and her family.


Mary Ann Sutter said...

I just found this on instagram. I love this but I can't find the pattern. It appears that her website has been discontinued. Can you point me to a source? Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

@Mary Ann Sutter I hadn't noticed but you're correct - I think the designer has pivoted away from quilting/quilt patterns and into a new line of business. I suggest sending a DM though Instagram and maybe she'll be willing to sell you the pattern. Otherwise I think you could "hack" it and make your own version fairly easily.

Mary Ann Sutter said...

Elizabeth, thank you!


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