April 26, 2022

Barn Block Mini Quilt: March

Waiting to pick up someone at the airport = perfect time for stitching

Last year I started making mini quilts in the style of barn blocks using patterns from designer This & That. You can see my first two here. Obviously I'm pretty far off schedule as far as the months go, but I'm still enjoying the projects, so I plan to keep working through my pattern (and fabric) stash. Mini quilts are satisfying because they take so much less time to complete than larger quilts, but working with small pieces is still challenging, so these have been pleasant skill builders for me.

One thing I really like about this block is that little border detail, with the squares in the corners. It's a nice variation on the standard, straight border. Very cute.

That busy print around the center and in the border had to go

This is the March block. After cutting everything out, I changed the fabric around the center square and border because my original choice was too busy and didn't provide enough visual contrast. I'm really happy with how these fabrics all came together -- all three of them are kind of unusual and hard to match and coordinate. I think I just got lucky that I had the right complements to make them all work.

Much better!

For the quilting, I decided to do this one all by hand. There are French knots, big stitch straight lines, little dashes and x's. It all adds texture without being too distracting, and I was able to dig into my late grandmother's box of embroidery floss to find some of the colors I needed.

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