March 13, 2016

2015 Quilts in Review

It's the middle of March and far too late for a 2015 recap, but this post has been in progress for a while so bear with me. I worked on other projects in 2015, but these quilts feel like my biggest accomplishments given the time involved. Some of these projects slipped under my blogging radar for one reason or another, so this is a great opportunity to fill in those gaps and do one final round-up. So here goes!

1. Cottage Garden Circles (see blog post here)
MQG Challenge with Riley Blake fabrics (rules loosely followed)

2. Chicopee Flowers (started in 2013! see blog post here)
For me!

3. Kite Tails (see blog post and more photos here)
Given to my brother, sister-in-law, and their daughters for Christmas

4. Sunny Check Plus
Commissioned for a family friend's grandson. Pattern from Quilty Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014 issue

5. Woodland HSTs
Made with woodland animals fabric won in an online giveaway - an effort to try to use up this fabric!


6. Ole Miss Pinwheels
Commissioned by my former boss for her friend's new baby. The logo was a challenge to figure out. At first I was going to embroider it with a satin stitch, but I got to the M and realized that was a terrible idea. So I printed a logo found online, enlarged it, and turned it into essentially two appliques - red on blue and then blue onto a blank square in the quilt top layout.

After machine quilting around the applique square, I went back and hand quilted around the applique.
Requested label in the shape of Tennessee

7. Halloween Pillows
I'm counting these as quilts because they're paper pieced and pretty intricate as far as pillows go. I made them as gifts for my two friends - sisters - whose birthdays are near Halloween.

8. Penny's Hexies
The perfect doll quilt for my little niece. I made this using a tutorial from a Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild meeting and simply quilted the hexagons onto two fat quarters. I gave this to Penny for Christmas and she loves to put it on her lap (back side up, of course) when she's reading to her babies.


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