February 28, 2022

Inside-Outside Pouch

This month's finish is another bag -- actually the third I've made from this pattern and the one I'm keeping for myself.

The pattern is the Inside-Outside Pouch from bag/pouch/organizer designer extraordinaire Aneela Hoey. This pouch was on my list of sewing/quilting goals for 2021, so I pulled it out to make for my quilt guild's holiday gift swap. After finishing the first one, I decided to make one for my mom and one for myself, so I cut and sewed both at the same time, knowing that I wouldn't want to go back to the beginning and start all over again with each one.

There's a boxed bottom with a large center compartment, plus two narrower zipper compartments on either side with clear plastic so you can easily see what's inside. Construction was pretty easy to follow, but the very last step of hand binding around the side panels was the least pleasant. It was tricky to get into the corners, and the only curved needle I was able to find was too large to do the job. And that's why I just finished my last pouch this week after putting that binding step off for, oh, two months. :) Here it is out in the wild while I was waiting to pick up my mom at the airport:

Here are the other two -- the peach one for my mom and the hot pink/black/white one for my guild swap:


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