July 20, 2011

Beautiful Mexican Mosaics

mexico grey pebble mosaic floor

I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at our hotel in Ixtapa, Mexico and find such beautiful mosaic floors made out of local stones. The pacific coast of Mexico is very rocky and jagged and while the lush plants are colorful and vibrant, the tones of the sand, rock and landscape is much more like the rocky coast of California and Oregon. We loved it! I thought that their creative use of the local stone and the amazing design really added to a feeling of calm and serenity. I think in particular the detail on this stairway could easily be replicated near a patio or backyard pool.
stairway with grey pebble detail

In addition to the floors, the clean lines of this beehive vase set in the hotel's lobby was a favorite of mine. Hard to replicate at home, but a beautiful design idea none the less. I'm ready for a trip back!
mexico grey pebble floor with entrance vase

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