July 3, 2011

Big Finish: Houndstooth Quilt

Jack approves
In a final push to finish my houndstooth quilt, I sewed the binding to the front and then saw this happening -- my cat Jack attempting to claim this quilt for himself. So I ripped it from his warm, fuzzy feline clutches and finished it up.

Houndstooth: finished front

For the pattern, I started with a pale houndstooth baby quilt pattern from a book, Baby Love, that I picked up at my local quilt shop. My comfy color palette is blue and green, so I tried to go a different direction with grey (Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley) and cream (Simple Abundance).

Houndstooth: finished back

But of course when it was time to buy fabric for the back and binding, I fell back on a blue print (American Jane) both because I liked it and because it was the best fit with the quilt top. I made my first attempt at bias binding because I wanted to try rounded corners, which I think will hold up better over time. (Also, the fabric I chose, Authentic, is a pencil stripe that looks best in the diagonal that bias binding produces, according to the kindly employee at the local quilt shop where I bought it.) I was surprised at how easy the binding and corners were, and I see many more rounded corners in my quilty future. (I used this tutorial on rounded corners.)

Houndstooth: rounded corners

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