January 11, 2012

Another Winter Bird: 12 Months of Ornaments Project 1

January Winter Bird: Dove

I love Jen's bluebird, and since she gave me a sneak peek before I started crafting mine, I went in a different direction so that we'd have some variety to share with you.  My dove with red accents is based on the felt bird ornament kit offered by The Purl Bee here.  The design seemed simple enough, so I printed pictures of the kit and attempted to figure out the construction along the way.

January Winter Bird: Dove

I cut out the biggest bird body from my printout and used it to trace two shapes each on red felt and white batting scraps.  I did the same with the wing, tracing the shape onto felt and batting (two of each).

I used red perle cotton embroidery thread to stitch the red bird bodies to the white bodies, and then I stitched the layered wings onto the bodies with simple X stitches.  I used a scrap of red yarn to make a loop and used my hot glue gun to secure it to the inside (red) of one half of the bird body.  More hot glue attached the two bird bodies to each other -- just a glob of glue in the center of the bodies did the trick.  Gluing the halves together in the center only gives the ornament a bit of dimension.

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