January 7, 2012

Big Finish: Random Reflections Quilt

Quilt finish

You may remember that I posted about this quilt when it was in progress back in July. Along the way, I decided that I'd give the finished quilt to my sister as a gift, since she'd given me the print fabric.  A November birthday gift quickly turned into a Christmas gift.

Quilt finish

I finished the binding and gave it a run through the washer and dryer to give it a nice crumpled look. Then I covertly embroidered a label for the back while lounging in my parents' living room with the quilt recipients sitting just across the way.

Quilt finish label

The quilt was wrapped and under the tree by Christmas eve.

Quilt finish;   Quilt finish

On Christmas morning, armed with coffee/tea/hot chocolate and warmed by the fire, we got down to business and started opening gifts. Looks like the quilt was a hit, and I'm glad I decided to give it away to a good home.
Quilt finish

Quilt finish front

(I think she likes it.)
Quilt finish

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