October 14, 2013

Big Finish: Cropped Lone Star Quilt

Cropped Lone Star Quilt

I'm so happy to be able to share these photos of the finished king-size Lone Star quilt that I've been working on for a large part of this year.  I created the top, backing, and binding for my college friend Marcy, and then I sent it to her to arrange longarm quilting and finishing.

I wrote about this project when I had the star in progress back in July.  I started with loads of fabric:

I prewashed and pressed everything, and then I cut strips for the star:

I sewed 6-strip units and cut them on a 45-degree angle to create the large diamonds for the star:

I used y-seams to insert pieces of solid red between the points of the star:

I added strips of red to the top and bottom of the star panel to achieve the desired length of 95 inches:

The star panel was a little over 1/3 of the desired width for the quilt - 105 inches - so I added two red panels to fill out the rest of the width.  I squared it up as best as I could along the way (king-size is huge!), and packed everything up to mail to Marcy.  She met with the longarm quilters at A Better Quilt (http://abetterquilt.com/) to select a quilting design, and they had it done for her in a week - impressive!

Cropped Lone Star Quilt

The large swirly design softens the sharp lines of a quilt this size, and I think it turned out so great.  I'm pleased that Marcy and her family are so happy with the quilt, and I hope they enjoy it for many years.  I wouldn't say that a king-size Lone Star quilt was on my quilting bucket list, but now I can put it on and check it right off.  Done!

Cropped Lone Star Quilt

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