September 29, 2013

Big Finish: Jungle Patchwork Baby Quilt

I started this baby quilt with a charm pack (a collection of 5-inch squares) of Moda's Bungle Jungle.  I pulled out some of the squares in the pack because, in my opinion, the fabrics didn't fit well with the jungle animals, and I replaced them with a variety of dots, solids, and a few plaids from my fabric stash. Oh, and that little bunting print, which I love.

I quilted this with yellow thread in straight lines 1/4" from each seam.  The simple grid complements the patchwork squares and keeps the quilt soft enough for a baby. The finished size is 30" x 35".


This quilt is headed to my good friend's new baby -- littlest brother of the recipients of this quilt I made last year.


Some friends asked for basic instructions for this type of patchwork baby quilt, so here's how I assembled the top. This patchwork design is very forgiving, so it's a good pattern to start with if you're a new quilter. For a finished quilt that's roughly 30" x 35", start with 56 5-inch squares. Arrange them to your liking in a 7- x 8-square layout, and then start sewing them into rows.  In a row, sew the squares in twos: 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6. Then go back and sew together 2 & 3 and 6 & 7. Finally, sew 4 & 5 together, and you should have a complete row. Press your seams to alternating sides according to the row (for example, the seams in the first row are pressed to the right and in the second row are pressed to the left). After you sew all your squares together into rows, you sew the rows together to build the quilt top. Again, I start with 2-row sections, then put 2 rows with 2 rows, and then 4 with 4. I'm a pinner, so I recommend matching up and pinning the center seam on two rows. Work your way to either end of the rows, pinning at each seam. Your seams that are heading in opposite directions should nestle together at each intersection. Sew slowly and remove the pins as you sew the rows together. If your seams don't match up perfectly, don't fret. That's what makes it handmade.

Jungle Patchwork Baby Quilt

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