October 31, 2011

Fabric Fun: Swapping Yellow, Aqua, & Gray

Charm Swap

A colleague of mine and fellow member of the IMQG is also co-creator of Craft Buds, a site that collects all sorts of craft-related content (tutorials, giveaways, interviews, and even the 4-1-1 on creating your own craft biz) and brings it together for one-stop shopping.  When Lindsay posted that Craft Buds was joining forces with an online fabric shop to sponsor a swap of yellow, aqua, and gray charms (translation: 5-inch fabric squares), I had to join in the fun.

If you haven't heard the news, fabric swaps and virtual quilting bees abound in the online quilting/sewing world.  I've never joined one, being a little nervous about expectations and working under deadlines; but this swap only involved
  1. Buying 1 yard of fabric in any combination of yellow, aqua, and gray
  2. Cutting it up into 5-inch squares
  3. Dropping said squares in the mail to be combined with 27 other swappers' squares
  4. Sitting back and waiting (im)patiently for my mixed-up charm pack to show up in my mailbox 
Not too difficult, so I figured I could handle it.  I tried so hard to find gray fabric that I liked and wanted to swap, but to no avail.  Finally I settled on the Moda Hunky Dory print you see above.  You can scroll here to see what I'll be getting in return.

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