February 9, 2012

Big Finish: Dog Cabins Quilt

Dog Cabins baby quilt

A new little person is joining our family soon, and for various reasons we were initially expecting it to be a little boy.  So the nursery was decorated with handmade things featuring puppies, baseballs, and various shades of brown, tan, and red.  I was given a bundle of leftover fabric from crib sheets and various other fabric handmades, and I started in on a quilt for the little one.

Dog Cabins baby quilt

I fussy cut the puppies to feature them in the centers of log cabin blocks, which is how this quilt came to be "Dog Cabins."  (I also considered "Dogs in Log Cabins," but that just isn't as catchy.)  Using strips from an old jelly roll that coordinated so perfectly I couldn't have planned it, I added logs to the center blocks and constructed 16 log cabin blocks for a 4x4 layout with sashing and borders.

Dog Cabins baby quilt

By the time the quilt top was complete, we found out that the little "he" was going to be a little "she."  Thrilled but stumped about what to do with my decidedly masculine baby quilt, I decided to continue on with it, finishing it as a Christmas gift for Little Girl's mom and dad.  Tweaks have been made to soften the nursery and make it a bit more girly, but the colors and puppies remain, so the quilt still coordinates with the decor.  And I'm already planning a fun and much more feminine quilt for Little Girl down the line.  For now, she can cozy up to the pups in the dog cabins as she settles into her loving home and family.

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