May 25, 2012

May Ornament: Flower

May ornament: Flower

Flowers are the ornament theme for May, and I wanted to make a festive red one that will be appropriate for the tree come December.  A quick search of "felt flower ornament" or somesuch led me to the blog Under the Table and Dreaming by Stephanie Lynn and this tutorial.  I haven't spent a lot of time exploring the blog yet, but it seems to have a little bit of everything -- crafts, decor, plants, and plenty of DIY project ideas.

This ornament was sooooo easy to make -- really, I put it together while visiting Jen for a week.  All it took was a little time spent cutting the petals from Jen's stash of felt, an assist from my dad to drill a hole in the edge of the jar lid that the flower is glued to (oh, right -- under that flower is a lid from a jar of roasted red peppers!), and a scrap of ribbon from my mom's stash.  The ribbon is knotted through the hole drilled in the edge of the lid, so it's easy to adjust in order to make it hang a certain way.  It looks pretty spiffy on the wall like this, in fact -- wouldn't an array of flowers in a bunch of different bright colors be nice?  Better start saving more jar lids...

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