August 1, 2012

July Ornaments: Gingerbread House and Peppermint Candy

July: Sweet treats

The theme for July ornaments in our little challege here at Inspire Me Grey was sweet treats.  While browsing Google Images for ideas, I came across this gingerbread house.  I sketched it for reference and then set to work making my own version.  This is all felt and embroidery floss, and I got an assist from a sparkly friend to add glitter to the gumdrops on the rooftop.  (Alas, my craft supply is glitter-less.)
July: Sweet treats

A couple of weeks ago I went to TN for a short visit, and while I was there I convinced my mom that she needed to make a July ornament too.  She came up with this simple peppermint swirl candy that I think will look sweet on the tree come December.

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