March 18, 2013

Best Wonton Soup

Won Ton Soup from Inspire Me Grey

If you are sitting through a rainy spring day and just want something to warm your bones, try this great Wonton Soup recipe for dinner.  I made it this weekend and it just hit the spot. Don't be intimidated, the wontons are easy to assemble and yummy.

1/2 lb ground pork
1 green onion, diced
2 Tb. soy sauce
2 tsp. corn starch
Dash of pepper

2 boxes of chicken stock (approx 4 cups)
Sliced mushrooms (as much or as little as you like)
3 green onions, diced
3 Tb. soy sauce or to taste
1 Tb. seasame oil
1/2-1 tsp. ground ginger, depending on preference

1 package store-bought wonton wrappers
1 egg, beaten

  1. Mix all the filling ingredients together in a bowl and set aside
  2. Mix all the broth ingredients together in a saucepan and keep warm on medium-low
  3. In a second saucepan, start 4-5 cups boiling while you assemble the wontons.
  4. To assemble the wontons, put about a 1/2 tsp filling in each wonton and seal with egg wash. I would recommend you watch this how-to video on wonton assembly:
  5. Drop the wontons in the boiling water and cook until they float. With a slotted spoon, make sure the wonton wrappers are not sticking to the bottom of your pan. Then, add 1/2 cup of water, and let reboil. Once the water is boiling again, scoop the wontons out of the water and add them to the broth.
I personally like more wonton and less broth (see picture) but this recipe should provide you broth lovers with enough out there if you want more.

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