April 5, 2017

Personalized Name Pillows

A few years ago, I made an applique name pillow for my niece Piper. I didn't think about making any more until my sister Emily asked me to make one for her younger daughter Judy. I gathered some leftover fabric from her nursery (my mom made her crib sheets and changing pad covers), downloaded my favorite letters for applique from Skip to My Lou, and got to work. I use Heat 'n Bond on the letters and applique them to the background panel. Then I add borders to get it to size and layer it with batting and a piece of muslin or solid fabric, just like a quilt. I add some hand quilting to the center panel, around the name, and secure the rest of the front with straight line quilting. The envelope backs of the pillows are just fabric, no batting or quilting.

Judy at 4 months
And Judy at 13 months, just the other day (the pillow has seen better days, but it's being used and loved!)

Emily then asked if I could make a pillow for her nephew on her husband's side of the family. (She seems to be under the impression that I'm in need of projects. For the record, I am not. But I have trouble saying "No.") So I made another pillow for Toby. Same process but without the hand quilting in the center panel.

THEN somehow it came to my attention that Emily's other, older daughter also needed a name pillow. Em had asked me to recover a couple of long pillows that had previously sported panel prints from Penny's woodland nursery. After redecorating her room in pink and turquoise, new pillows were in order. I made one patchwork cover and one personalized with her name.

Penny has had this patchwork pillow for a little while now and is very attached to it. She's getting her name pillow for her upcoming 3rd birthday.

So that covers 3 of my 5 nieces. I've been thinking about making pillows for the two oldest girls, and I think simple initials -- M and H -- will be a good alternative as their names are a little long for pillows. After struggling and sweating to get the long, rectangular pillow form into Penny's pillows, I've sworn off that size. So simple squares with initials are the way to go.

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