September 3, 2013

Vacation Stitching

In preparation for a vacation in August, I was looking for a hand-stitching project to take on the plane and work on during downtime at the beach. I found something to work on, but one project quickly became three...

First, a needle book. This one from Sew She Sews is like a needle book on steroids, finishing at 5" x 6.5" closed. The size isn't a bad thing, just something to consider if you're looking for a needle case that's small and sweet. I followed this tutorial.

Second, a zippered bag to store my project and new needle book. I returned to this tutorial from Flossie Teacakes, which I've used before, and enlarged the dimensions to finish at 10" x 11".

Third, the project itself. I wanted to do English paper piecing (basting over a paper foundation to hold and support the fabric pieces while sewing them together), and I've already made hexagons, the go-to EPP project. I wanted to try a different design. A search on Google Images led me to the Spring Carnival pillow by I'm A Ginger Monkey. This is a cool design with lots of possibilities depending on fabric placement. I decided to make mine like the pillow linked above, using a charm pack I've had forever of the "Oz" collection by Sanae for Moda. I cut many, many shapes from cardstock and just as many fabric pieces to go with them. The design uses just 3 pieces: the hexagon in the center, small squares, and small triangles.  Here are some shots of my pieces and how they fit together:


Spring Carnival in progress

One full wheel finishes at around 7.5" across.  I'm not sure what these will become, but I'm just going to see how big it gets before I'm bored with it. For me, this is really more about the process than the end result, and it's nice to have a small, portable project to pick up now and then.

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