April 16, 2012

Bright and Cheery Yo-Yo Barrette

This is one of my first attempts at hair accessories, so be kind. But everyone has to start somewhere, and I thought "Matching barrettes run a small fortune and honestly, why can't I just make them for each of little G's outfits?"

Easy Yo-Yo Barrette Instructions
  1. Buy a pack of ribbon covered barrettes for the base. I found these at Hobby Lobby and you can't beat 12 for $4.99 (less if you use your 40% off mobile coupon).
  2. Trace a fabric circle. I use a grosgrain ribbon spool as a template. Cut it out for your circle.

  3. Fold over the edges of the fabric circle about 1/4 inch to hide the raw edges, and baste stitch around the entire circle.
  4. Pull the thread to cinch up your circle, creating your yo-yo flower base. Knot your thread and iron the yo-yo flat.

  5. Sew a cute button into the circle of your flower to hide the gathered center.

  6. Cut a 2-inch piece of grosgrain ribbon, angling the ends for a finished look. Cinch it in the middle and stitch to create a bow.

  7. Hot glue the ribbon bow onto your covered barrette, and then hot glue the flower onto the bow.
  8. Let dry and admire your custom barrette. 

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