April 7, 2012

Cookie Nests: Last Minute Easter Dessert Idea

A co-worker's wife made these Cookie Nests and I have been craving another all week. If you would like a bite-sized bit of cookie deliciousness, give them a try.

1. Make basic chocolate chip cookie dough, without the chocolate chips.
2. Scoop and shape into a small muffin tin.
3. Bake as directed or until they are done in the middle. Finished cookie should be about 1 inch or so in height.
4. While the cookies are baking, combine vanilla icing with shredded coconut and a few drops of yellow food coloring and mix until the color is consistent.
5. Once the cookies are out of the tins and cooled, top them with the coconut frosting.
6. Nestle in a chocolate egg on top

You can also make smaller batches of the icing and coconut in other colors, but I'm partial to the yellow!

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